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Are you still raving on or what? 100% and do you know why? Well, I thought it was about time I had my own place to post my link for porn. I don't just link to any old porn site just for the hell of it, it has to deserve it, simple! The links to various xxx sites at have been hand-picked because they offer something that I thought was worthy of sharing. If at any time that changes consider them gone, adios, kaput! I will remove them without hesitation because you deserve only the Best In Porn!

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How often do you add new links?

Well, I guess that depends on a few factors such as we when come across a link for porn that we deem worthy of adding. We might only update once a week, or perhaps a month. But, having said that you can always count on us to only add quality porn sites, that's something, isn't it?

Do you really remove bad links?

I think it goes without saying! If we (or someone like yourself advises us) come across a porn link that has suddenly changed how good they were or they decided to add a bunch of advertisements that take away from what was once a good porn website we will take the proper steps and have the link killed off as quickly as possible.

Are the porn sites you link to safe to use?

While we take every care to ensure this, we are unable to guarantee it as we don't have control over the user's websites. As mentioned previously we do take a large amount of care to regularly check the porn sites has listed, but use your own discretion and common sense, if you have any that is!

Can I submit my porn site and get listed?

It goes without saying, yes! All you need to do is email pinkjunky'at' with your details and wait for us to reply.

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